Thursday, January 13, 2005

Washington Post Shocker: Secret Service Does Its Job!

Finally in her Honda Accord, Newman backed out and briefly blocked the motorcade. That's when another agent got worked up as well, she says: "He's screaming at me, 'Move it! You better move it!' I was amazed and furious at the same time. . . . I thought, 'If this is how they treat people in Baghdad, no wonder they hate Americans!' "

I didn't even know if I should dignify this with a link, but it is outrageous enough to merit comment. This is a swipe at those who put their life on the line, for failing to be courteous enough to those who benefit from freedom. These guys were just doing their job, keeping their charge safe. Newman admits that she blocked the motorcade. What were the Secret Service folks supposed to do? Assume that she was just your average frustrated soccer mom? That is how people die...GRRRRRR

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