Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh No!

I hope this is not a trend! Just because the temp today was in the upper thirties is no reason for protesters to stay home. Oh well, here is another sign from earlier:

Peace on Earth

Yeah, it was a slow day for him, I guess. This was written on a flap of carboard held by an older looking man, who may have been out there to hit on the other geriatric granolas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Outcry is Deafening

OK, OK, OK. Since there were no protesters today (Lattes, bear claws, whatever) here is a sign from last week:

Say no to WAR!!!!!

Boring? Yes, that is why they need all the exclamation points.

Sorry, no protesters

Due to cold weather, the die hard protesters stayed in to drink their Starbucks Lattes today. Maybe they'll be back tomorrow...

Monday, December 13, 2004

DevilDogs Take Fallujah

Well worth the 15 minutes...even though it is from the BBC.

BBC Fallujah Story

Protest of the day

My New Feature: Protest of the Day! Most (good weather) days there is a lonely protester outside the metro entrance to the Pentagon. Her grubby clothes belie the intensity of her cause: defeating President Bush and his evil Minion Rumsfeld. Mondays (if the weather is nice) she is joined by other protesters with interesting signs. I am grateful to these protesters, since they remind me why I go to work in the Pentagon and wear the uniform of the US Air Force daily. For instance, the message today was:

You are killing and dying to make Bush (and Company) rich

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

ScrappleFace: Dutch Expand List of 'Mercy Killing' Candidates

ScrappleFace: Dutch Expand List of 'Mercy Killing' Candidates: "Dutch Expand List of 'Mercy Killing' Candidates

(2004-12-03) -- Physicians at Groningen Academic Hospital in the Netherlands today expanded the category of people with 'no free will' who qualify for a procedure called 'life ending without request,' a form of euthanasia which doesn't require the patient's consent. "

As always, scrappleface has cutting wit... The truth is terrifying.