Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It gets weirder

This WSJ article references that the guy was seen a lot with his dog, but in Islam dogs are not allowed to kept as pets, only as guard and hunting animals. An angel reportedly refused to visit Mohamed once because there was a dog in his house, and the hadith has lots of admonitions against them. Something is not making sense...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I Didn't Know Were Illegal

In an otherwise straightforward story about US born jihadis, the AP has this tidbit:
Several of the defendants, including Boyd, were also charged with practicing military tactics on a private property in Caswell County in June and July of this year.
I wonder what the definition of "military tactics" is? And why would it be illegal on private property? If I drill, march, or practice convoy ops, that might be weird but should not be illegal. If I want to practice shooting, play airsoft or paintball (as I have done many times) is it breaking the law because the tactics might be military?