Sunday, January 23, 2005

Medical miracles: skip the first couple of years of a kids life! -Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student: "A 33-year-old Redwood City teacher has been arrested after DNA tests confirmed that a former student fathered her 2-year-old baby when he was 16-years-old."

Now, usually I am a skeptic when I see this sort of thing, but heck, if Fox has it, it must be true, right? To me, it sounds pretty good. After all, I subscribe to the theory that originally kids were incubated for a full year, so when they are born at 9 months, they are really peaved that they got pushed out early, and spend the next few months getting back at us for it. So, for a kid to be born at age 2...think of all the diapers that will save, and the eco-benefits that go along with that. Yeah!

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