Friday, January 21, 2005

Protesters: No fair! ProtestWarrior is getting attention, too!

Some in the anti-Bush crowd said they resented the fact that ProtestWarrior's "man bites dog" schtick eats up a disproportionate amount of press attention.

"They're taking the media away from us!" exclaimed one angry protester.

After the fight television crews popped up out of nowhere and reporters rushed to the ProtestWarrior members.

So, they took out a copyright on protestest? There is more, too:

After the scuffle, one young anarchist hurled a snowball, laced with dirt and pebbles and whatever else he could scoop of the ground, at the retreating ProtestWarrior members. The anarchist, who declined to offer his name, said he did not believe in violence...

This brings up another point, which I shall address in another post: the internal inconsistency of these protesters.


Christine said...

On a related note. . . look for me this monday morning with my faithful comrade-in-poster-filled-arms, Kathreja. We were real sick most of last Monday (really bad cold that was like, one symptom away from flu), so we didn't make it out. But we'll be back Monday (barring Second Coming, Plague or Nuclear War. Well, no, I suppose it depends on where the bombs are dropping. . .)

I would like to mention, in an aside, that the coffee at the Pantagon is nothing short of amazing. See, in principle, I dislike coffee. The only coffee I've ever liked (until recently) was some stuff I got in a Bed and Breakfast in Salzburg, Austria. Never could palate American Coffee. But a couple of fine young fellas brought us coffee last time we were there, and it was delicious! Perfect amount of cream and sugar, warm, and exactly the caffeine boost we needed. (Seriously, not being a coffee drinker, I have no caffeine tolerance, so I was pretty wired. I'm told my commentary on the drive home from the metro was amusing.) So, the point to this is, I don't know who brought us the total of 4 cups of yummy coffee, but if you ever find out, could you pass along our gratitude? It was really, *really* appreciated.

US Military: The Best Damn Soldiers and Coffee in the World.

max said...

Well, if I run into them, I'll pass it on. Since there are about 23,000 of us that work in the building every day, I'm afraid that chances are slim. Still, the coffee has to be good. Everyone knows that that is what any good military unit runs on...