Friday, January 07, 2005

Protest of the day

Her welfare check must have come through!!! Our favorite defender of terrorist freedoms had two new signs today, in addition to an old one. And she is getting good at balancing placards, since she was able to display all three signs simultaneously, despite the gusty winds outside the Pentagon Metro Station.

She also demonstrated a working knowledge of current events, given the flagellation Gonzales received last night. Her newest magic marker creation, obviously leveled squarely at Kennedy's ample ego, read:

Torture is US Policy! Resign!

In her other hand, showing her skill at both punctuation and schizophrenia:

US:Hi Tech terrorist

But that was not all! She has a voice, I soon discovered. Lacking any further appendages upon which to hang signs, her well oiled message was supplemented by a new phrase (soon to be incorporated into a sign, I'm sure) and daintily tossed out like yesterday's lunch at anyone foolishly wandering within 10 feet of her encampment. As I approached, her voice was indistinct and I could not make out what she said, but a young, well-dressed blonde coming from the opposite direction tossed her a Friday smile and said something that seemed to enrage our favorite Granola Gran. GG's retort was swift and devastating: "Jesus wouldn't have been in the military, you shouldn't be in the military". The blonde smiled, probably because she was not in the military, and walked on past without further comment.

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