Monday, January 17, 2005

Harvard President's Comments About Women Spark Outrage Among High Priests of Liberalism - U.S. & World - Harvard President's Comments About Women Spark Outrage
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The president of Harvard University prompted criticism for suggesting that innate differences between the sexes could help explain why fewer women succeed in science and math careers.

Lawrence H. Summers, speaking Friday at an economic conference, also questioned how great a role discrimination plays in keeping female scientists and engineers from advancing at elite universities.

Ah, poor Larry. He forgot the first commandment: thou shalt not take the presuppositions of racism or sexism in vain.

"It's possible I made some reference to innate differences," he said. He said people "would prefer to believe" that the differences in performance between the sexes are due to social factors, "but these are things that need to be studied."

And here he violates the second: Thou shalt not put any of the teachings of the Church of Human to a test. To do so would be a sacrilegious act, showing a lack of faith.


A new quote has come to light! In an act of solidarity, MIT biologist Nancy Hopkins walked out on Summers and told reporters that if she hadn't walked out, "I would have either blacked out or thrown up," demonstrating the logical steadfastness and stoic critical thinking skills Summers was talking about. Men, of course, have put up with all kinds of impeachment of our biological failings for a long time, so have evolved the ability to hear anti-Y chromosome screeds without loss of consciousness or stomach reflux issues.

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