Monday, January 10, 2005

Democracy is not a suicide pact...or is it?

Reeling under the PR disaster of Abu Ghraib, the Pentagon shut down every stress technique but one—isolation—and that can be used only after extensive review. An interrogator who so much as requests permission to question a detainee into the night could be putting his career in jeopardy. Even the traditional army psychological approaches have fallen under a deep cloud of suspicion: deflating a detainee’s ego, aggressive but non-physical histrionics, and good cop–bad cop have been banished along with sleep deprivation.

A sobering look by Heather Mac Donald at torture: what it is, what it isn't, and how we are throwing away information probably vital to the prevention of future terrorist attacks. The MSM, ACLU, ICRC et all, seem to have forgotten that we are dealing with terrorists here, not Boy Scouts. This is a direct consequence of the breakdown of national identity in the press. Many reporters I have spoken to no longer consider themselves "Americans" but rather "journalists who happen to reside in America". I am an American, dammit, and my job is not protecting 'humans', 'rights' or any other balderdash like that. It is supporting and defending THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES against all enemies, foreign and domestic. SO HELP ME GOD!

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