Friday, January 14, 2005

A few things today

Not much time for browsing today, but a couple of items came to my attention. The first is this from powerline. A well written account of the relief effort and a stark contrast to this news.

On the school front, Germany is asserting that children are wards of the state, only loaned to responsible parents. But back here in the US, there is some good news:

Like many students I queried, Miss Ernst already leaned right when she arrived on campus. But the left-wing propagandizing of her professors made her conservatism rock-solid.

I definitely experienced this both at CSU and Harvard. This article has some really good points, and while it echoes some of the standard, tired examples of outlandish liberalism endemic in our colleges and universities, it has some refreshing stories of conservative rebellion among the students. The 'Roe effect' seems to be taking hold with a vengeance. 9/11 helped, too…

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