Monday, March 21, 2005

Where are the protesters?

With the 2 year anniversary of OIF, I thought that there would be more protesters than usual. I was wrong. As usual. Only a handful were there this morning, with only the usual signs. And Kathreja and Christine weren't able to make it (at least by the time I came in, see comment on the last post). And no, Nathan, I haven't died, or forgotten how to type. Last week was just unbelievably busy. Sometimes my job is like that. I get put on different projects, and they ebb and flow. Sometimes I can just cruise through the week in 'monitoring' status, and other times I am in meetings and typing reports from the time I walk in until the time I flee home. And sometimes even then work manages to chase me home. That was last week. Slugging, normally a relaxing trip in a stranger's car, became a chance for me to catch up on some of the unclassified reading I had to do for work, and after-dinnertime, usually reserved for playing with JB, became a time to type up thoughts and papers to be ready for the next day. I can't complain, though, since weeks like that are few and far between, and the work is very interesting.

Of course, it means I scarcely had a chance to ready the news, so now, if this week is slow, I'll spend some time catching up on current events. Oh, wait. I have meetings from 9 to 1 and 2 to 5 today, in addition to a classified paper due today. Well, maybe tomorrow I'll have some time to catch up on the news.


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