Friday, March 25, 2005

Protest of the day all over the world

Protests, protests, protests. Terri Schiavo is surrounded by those protesting that she must die, and those protesting that she must be kept alive at all costs. In Kyrgyzstan, protesters are clashing with government supporters. And right here in DC, just outside my office building, there are protesters, too.

I forgot about the 'Good Friday' protest. But it was brought back to mind this morning when I hopped out of the car in which I was slugging (a Mercedes today). Last year was interesting. Protesters got close to the building and tossed red paint at people entering. I guess they were trying to simulate blood. This year, in anticipation of the tactic, the PFPA (cops) set up a stand-off checkpoint and put up sheets of plastic to protect us from paint balloons. I noticed they had fire hoses ready, too, but don't think they had been used. Anyway, the gang of about 50 protesters was singing softly. Too softly for me to hear what it was they were singing, but I'm guessing it was not 'Battle Hymn of the Republic" or "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition". There were many of the usual signs about depleted uranium, Bush as a terrorist and 'thou shall not kill', but there was a new one, in honor of Good Friday (along with the obligatory pictures of an Aryan Jesus):

Who are you going to beat and torture today

with the obligatory splatters of red paint. I admit it is a creative sign, much more so than the usual cant or cathaholics against war tripe (the two most frequent 'guests' in our protest zone). It got me thinking, though not in the way they intended, I'm sure. Jesus was, in fact, beaten and tortured by the military arm of the occupying power, but His mission on earth was to fight a spiritual battle. He led an insurgency against the ruler of the world. He suffered for His impertinence, and was tortured and killed. He was posthumously awarded the highest award ever given to anyone on earth or in heaven for any action, ever. At His Name, every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is the risen Lord. Victory came through His death, and His life. Not in Ghandi-esque passive civil disobedience, but in actively taking the battle to the enemy, on the enemy's home turf. He showed us how to live in this life, by showing us that there is so much more to life than eating, drinking and cognitive function. Life in abundance is the knowledge that life on this earth is a thread, a wisp of dried grass soon blown away by the wind. But it is also precious, as it is our one chance to choose the Way. For all eternity. He fought the battle to give us that one chance. Take it. Now, while you have life, breath, and the cognitive will so to do!

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