Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Swift Boats And Old Wounds (

Swift Boats And Old Wounds ( "In a 2002 conversation, Kerry told me he thought it would be doubly advantageous that 'I fought in Vietnam and I also fought against the Vietnam War,' apparently not recognizing that some would see far too much political calculation in such a bifurcated record. "

Hmmm... So "I voted for the war in Iraq before I voted against it" theme is back, but this time with Vietnaaaam. If he becomes president, this could be interesting: "I pushed for abortion restrictions before I increased federal funding for it." "I pressed for more free trade with China, before I argued that there should be sanctions on them". "I called for a tax cut before I signed the tax increase into law..."

Some may call it complexity, bifurcation, or diplomacy, but most American schoolboys would call it being a wuss, and most young women would call it fear of commitment.

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