Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Secret Lives of Wives

MSNBC - The Secret Lives of Wives

When groups of women get together, especially if they're mothers and have been married for more than six or seven years, and especially if there's alcohol involved, the conversation is usually the same. They talk about the kids and work—how stressed they are, how busy and bone tired. They gripe about their husbands and, if they're being perfectly honest and the wine kicks in, they talk about the disappointments in their marriages.

Quite the negative, depressing article. According to this 4 part report, there is no hope!


Anonymous said...

And that's why I don't let Stephanie leave the house, have a job, OR use the computer without my help!

Yesterday was our anniversary. She really enjoyed the rug I bought her for the kitchen.


max said...

Yeah, the rug is a nice touch. Tams got one she liked, but then she also went and broke her foot. Maybe she was trying to tell me something...

Anonymous said...

Nah. Being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen is only asking for trouble. A confluence of cliche and Murphy's law.