Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wichita Mountains

Yesterday we went to the mountains...or at least what they call mountains here. More like bumps in the prarie. But beautiful none the less.

In addition to the usual wildlife, we found a place where a tornado had come through the night before. There was a path about 100 yards wide where everything had been torn up and thrashed, and on either side of it no sign of violence except for the leg-sized tree trunks tossed there like matchsticks.

And although the buffalo we saw seemed docile enough, a picture of two stranded pioneer kids in the midst of a stampeed reminded us that our little Toyota Camry was no match for these beasts. Good thing it has a V-6. Run Away!!!


Jonathan said...

Hey Guys, I think I recognize those stranded pioneer kids! Those kids are wild and need to be tamed if they want to fit in with the rest of society.

Thorpe said...

Cool! I was camping in the Wichita Mountians that same Saturday to Sunday. I did not know a tornado passed thru the night before in those storms.