Saturday, October 15, 2005

No, they don't have an agenda!

The MSM has done it again, and once again it is the blogosphere which has come to the rescue. Making every attempt to detract and distract from the ideas that the President wants to discuss, they do their best to put forth fables and images. Check out SGT Ron Long's account of this so-called staged event: They Call Us Doc


airforcewife said...

One of the reasons I started blogging was to let people outside the military know what it was like to be a military family.

Unfortunately, they don't want to read my blog because it doesn't square with their ideas of what it should be like and what I should think.

The MSM doesn't care what the truth is, only what they can use to fill in their empty 24 hour cycle. There are a whole bunch of people out there like that.

max said...

I don't know the answer to the problem of a smaller pool of military-familiar citizens, but I think the first step is admitting that it is an issue, and the second step is discussing options. Blogs are probably important, though the Army seems to be doing its best to limit their use...the AF is probably soon to follow.

The MSM is not really helpful on this score, and consolidation of bases to highly efficient mega-joint bases will tend to exacerbate the problems of Mr. and Mrs. America maintaining any kind of connection with the force committed to supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States.