Thursday, October 13, 2005

And now for something completely different

Mead. Nectar of the Gods. I make Mead, but I also make Melomel, Metheglin, Cyser and Pyment, but no one know what they are, I get enough curious looks when I say "mead" that I stick with that. I had nothing else to post tonight, and my brain is fried from class all day, so it is time for a post with links to mead making.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah?

What about Sack Posset, Mimbo, Flip, Bellowstop, Lord May's Flip, Calibogus, Black Sap, Ebulum, Switchel, Mumm, or Whistlebelly Vengeance?


max said...

Seek help. Or have some mead.

Jonah said...

I was going to attempt to make some rosehip melomel this weekend, but I've got to consult your mom on it. She said I could borrow a fermenter.

max said...

So far, the Rose Hip is at the top of my list for favorites. I have done it two ways. Once I stewed the rose hips for a while, added the honey to the hot mix, added water and yeast and let it cool. The best was one I made out of a failed bactch of rose hip jelly that hadn't jelled. I think it was because the juice was more concentrated. I can send you the exact recipe if you want.