Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too funny!

Sometimes the news makes you laugh. Like the NYT correcting a correction, incorrectly. This week, my MSM chuckle comes to me via the WaPost. It seems that the police chief had his car stolen. That is funny. But it gets better…
"There is not a whole lot to add to it," Ramsey said. "The car was taken, and there was nothing of real value in it. Cars are getting stolen every day." … Ramsey and other police officials said the theft of the car is not indicative of crime trends, which show auto theft dropping substantially in the city. Through mid-June, police recorded 2,759 auto thefts, down 29 percent from the 3,880 tallied during the same period last year. In all of last year, 8,136 cars were stolen in the District -- a decrease of almost 15 percent from the 9,549 car thefts recorded in 2003, according to FBI statistics. Ramsey is not the area's only top law enforcement official to have a car stolen in recent years. The van of Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey was stolen from in front of his house in 2002. The county's auto theft rate has almost doubled in the past five years, with 18,485 cars reported stolen in 2004
If 'cars are getting stolen every day', that seems to me to be a trend. Especially when it is averaging about 16 per day, in the nation's capitol. And that doesn't include the area around DC!

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