Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More adventures in slugging

Last week was a bang-up week for slug adventures. For the first time, I ended up riding home with the same person I rode in with. And to make things more interesting, I rode with him the day before. Naturally, he had no really nice car, just a 4-Runner. But he kept the windows down, and I liked that. He drove the speed limit, in the left lane, and I completely disapprove of that. One biker that passed us was pretty peeved. Understandably...

Then there was the limo. It was hot, hot day, and the guy next to me in line was griping about the heat, the long line, the lack of cars, the sun, everything. We waited a little longer than usual, about 10 minutes, before a car showed up. The Indian driver was quite nice, had great AC blasting and gosh! I had no idea a Lincoln was such a smooth ride! As we got out, the grumbler, with a smile, admitted that it was worth the wait.

Jamie Lee Curtis also gave me a ride. Well, not her, but a lady that talked just like her. And I mean talked. I am working my way though Chesterton's Eternal Man, and I got about 2 sentences read on the whole trip home. But, since I was paying nothing for the gas, I guess it was the least I could do to nod occasionally and grunt affirmation about whatever interesting sports events she was excited about.

This morning it was a woman who wanted advice. She was driving a newish Mercedes SUV, but had not really figured out the radio. I helped with that, but when she asked if she should get off early to avoid the accident the radio said was near Exit 4, I was stumped. We stayed on the HOV (my best guess) and it took about an hour and a half to get to the Pentagon. Oh well.

Then this afternoon, I got a ride home in a Lexus. Oh am I fond of Lexus! Not much reading got done, since sleep called. Leather seats, AC and a smooth ride make for quite a nap!

My final slug adventure had nothing to do with transportation. I finally got tired of goo in my sandals and took the box of salt out front to deal with the pests in the flowers as they came out for their evening romp. (Do slugs romp?) After a half box of salt and three score of kills to my tally, I called it a day. Ugh! I'll have to hose off the flower patch tomorrow, and wash their shriveled little corpses away. Yech!

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