Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is that how it works?

It seems researchers in Israel have made a startling discovery: more sex = more chance of conception:
And those who think men should abstain from sex so they can store up more or better sperm to coincide with their partner's ovulation might like to think again.

Dr Elyaho Levitas of the University of the Negev, Israel, analysed sperm samples collected for fertility treatments and found that abstinence in donors for more than three days "is doing some harm to the semen".

"People sometimes abstain from sex for weeks, thinking they are doing good, but I think probably they would be better to have sex every two days, rather than every two weeks," he said.

Other startling news in the article include the finding that older men and older women have a harder time conceiving children. However, the article does have some interesting "new" information: soy products also may reduce chances of conception.

But that is not the only interesting nugget about sex today. Thanks to NPR, I found this little tidbit:

Women living with a male partner are more likely to give birth to boys than women who live alone, suggests a study of 86,000 US births. The finding hints that higher numbers of single mothers could explain a recent drop in the birth rate of boys in some developed countries.
Hmmmm. Roe effect, plus soya effect, plus partner effect…pretty soon you have some drastic red-state blue-state differences! It won't be long until someone notices...


Anonymous said...

So, Max, why are you looking around for sex news?


max said...

NPR subjected me to it this morning, and then one of the top stories on WSJ was the Israel one. Besides, it is a nice break from the "USAFA tortures non-Christians" stories I have been seeing lately. More on that tomorrow.

Joan Stanton said...

That was interesting reading! I couldn't help but chuckle as I was reading it.