Thursday, February 03, 2005


Hey, everyone else is doing it, so why not me? Hence, my thoughts on the SOTU address

1)Well delivered. The President looked confidant and spoke well. He obviously was sincere without being sappy.
2)No surprises. He spoke about those things he has said were important. And the most shocking part? His mention of Saudi Arabia. Thought that was still not that much of a departure from recent speeches.
3)Pointed. Especially on Social Security, he added enough details to take on probable Democratic arguments, but did not lay out a ‘my way or the highway’ plan.
4) Hard hitting. To see two women who had lost so much meet and hug, and share that loss with a grateful nation, was wonderful. The fortuitous symbolism where the American mom got her dead son’s dog tags tangled on the Iraq woman’s sleeve was magical.
5)The Democratic response seemed scared. It looked like a move of desperation to have two responders, and both Dem leaders. Neither was dynamic, both seemed to just repeat the same liberal cant, revealing that that is their strategy is ‘stay the course and obstruct’. We’ll see how it goes.

Comments, of course are welcome. Oh, and there was another protester out there this morning with the usual sour faced woman. He was a younger man, with olive complexion, a beard and middle eastern looks. Wearing fatigue pants and carrying one of her signs, he was an interesting addition. We’ll see if he lasts.

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