Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Protest of the Day

I was sick yesterday, so I missed my usual Monday AM pick-me-up of protesters. But fortunately, today as I staggered in sucking on throat lozenges, my favorite scowling protester was there. With A NEW SIGN!!! YipEEE!! And this one, dear friends, was one of the best yet. Someone had gotten her not only posterboard and markers, but also a glue stick and some glossy magazines! Yes, her new sign, which said

Peace! Please Peace Now!

was festooned with pictures of smiling, gap-toothed kids of all colors and sizes. Obviously someone had fun with scissors this weekend!

1 comment:

ShadowMayhem said...

Aww... you missed our Valentine's posters yesterday... they were soo cheesey... but making the grizzled old soldiers out there get silly grins is always fun.

Hope you feel better.