Friday, February 11, 2005


Oh, wait. Never mind. It was a Christian pastor. Put it on page 27, next to the coffee cake recipes.

"I shared the number of people who have died in wars versus the number who had died through legal abortion since 1973. There have been 1 million die in all the wars and more than 43 million abortions - that's quite a gripping contrast," [Rev. Randy] Steele said. "I also tied it together by stating that we are in a different type of war that is being fought under the presupposition of freedom."

During that same sermon Steele also talked about Hope Center, a Granite City-based clinic where he said as many as 45 abortions are performed every week. He said he also talked about how abortion is a $400 million per year business in the United States, when life actually begins and the legal requirements to consider when a person is alive.

So someone tipped off the FBI that this rabble rouser was preaching violence? At least the FBI is listening to tips, and from the article, it sounds like they are satisfied with what they heard. My issue is not with them, since they are doing their job. The warped coverage of ‘outrageous infringement on constitutional rights’ by questioning, (merely asking!) implies that it is OK to question those dangerous Christians, but a threat to democracy to even consider that peace-loving Imams like Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman might merit a visit.

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