Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Humor of the day

Watching C-Span today, I laughed until I almost pulled a "JB": soon-to-be Chief Justice Roberts had to explain to Sen. Feinstein a lawyer joke (scroll to the end, and then continue here). She did look a bit confused when he mentioned Shakespeare. I wonder what they are teaching in schools in California these days... Obviously not Henry VI, and probably not Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet or King Lear.


airforcewife said...

Well, having just been stationed near Travis AFB in California... they are teaching (in the study of American History) how to make candles, how to milk a cow, how to spin yarn, and how to churn butter.

However, when I asked my daughter who the leader of the Continental Army was, I had to first explain WHAT the Continental Army was; then I had to explain who was in charge.

That is when we began Homeschooling in earnest (5th grade).

max said...

My folks started homeschooling us for other reasons, but I was surprised by some of what passed for education then, and how much worse it is now.

The goal seems to be keeping kids amused and interesed. Making candles, spinning yarn...not bad, but not the sort of thing that can give you insight into why the articles of confederation failed. Oh well.

Eli said...

At California kids are not becoming lawyers!!!