Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Interesting tidbit

Something you won't see trumpeted:

From the 20 June Columbia State Leg Injuries Plague Trainees In New Program By Chuck Crumbo, Staff Writer

Making boot camp more rigorous might be more hazardous to the health of trainees. That's what the Army might have to look into after the completion of a pilot basic combat training program at Fort Jackson. …

One study at Fort Jackson found 50 percent of females and 25 percent of males suffer some injury during the nine-week training period. Most are treated and returned to their units. Others are treated and returned to basic training at the point where they were injured, or they must restart training. Still others wash out of the Army. ...

Does anyone but me wonder if this is cost effective? We can either 1) make training easier for everyone 2) make it easier for women 3) ignore the problem and hope it goes away 4) wonder what else we can do to get more women to sign up, so we can work toward to 40% goal. Any guess which way the Army will go?

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