Monday, February 19, 2007

Follow up to the last post

The Weekly Standard has a great article about Blackwater. Jon, they are definitely an outfit you should check out.
Blackwater is a company most Americans first heard of when four of its contractors were murdered in Falluja, Iraq, in March 2004, and their bodies desecrated on camera. It is the most prominent of the private security contractors in Iraq. You might think of the North Carolina facility as Blackwater's Fort Benning or Quantico.
I sort of wonder why Boeing doesn't do the same sort of thing with refueling and airlift. I bet they could be really competitive, cost-wise, and provide some surge and flex capability for our aging fleet.

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Berck & Jonah said...

Fascinating article. Conservatives have often said that the free market should reign over all save the military, but it looks like it works there as well. Will we one day have an all volunteer force... of private contractors? Or would putting our military might in the hands of private enterprise, who swear allegiance to the almighty dollar instead of the Constitution spell trouble?