Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hunting Season

The weather is finally more like fall. I got a bit chilly this morning in the tree, but Coty got a deer, so it was worth it. We now have shot 4 does between the two of us, in 4 weekends, so we are doing quite well. The rain drove us in today, so I am sitting by a nice warm fire updating my blog and studying for ACSC. One interesting note: when I came back today, Zephyr was, as usual, waiting by the back door. I thought she wanted to chase squirrels. When I looked out, there was this guy, happly eating acorns: Zephyr was pretty excited, so after I took a few pictures I let her out. Around the garden they went, and ZP caught up just before the critter made it back to the pecan tree. Fortunatly for the woodchuck, Zephyr didn't quite know what to do:

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