Saturday, June 03, 2006

Coluber constrictor

Once again, the excitement of the day is a snake! At breakfast this morning, Tamsey told me that earlier in the week, as she was working out on the elliptical, a snake peeked in the window. Naturally, I figured that the snake was probably still in the window well. Well, I was right! I peeked in and saw a cute little (compared to last week's snakes) greenish snake. Being a kinda smart guy, I figured he was a 'green snake'. I looked them up on the web and found that they are one of the friendlier snakes, easily handled. Just to be on the safe side, though, I put a stick down into the window well before putting in my hand. When the snake coiled, vibrated his tail and struck hard, I realized that I might have been mistaken. More cautious now, I caught him and brought him out for pictures. Now I am convinced that he is a racer. As you can see, JB is a budding nature photographer. After the photo-op, we turned him loose in the garden to eat bugs and other small critters.


Anonymous said...

It's easy to tell if a snake is poisonous. If they bite you and you die, then they were probably poisonous.

There's also something about their pupils being round or elliptical, and about their butts having one row or two rows of plates... But that requires looking into their eyes or at their butt.

That makes it pretty simple. Shovel or Shotgun.

No, seriously, I get very emotional when I happen upon a snake I'm not expecting.


max said...

Yeah, having snakes in the trees and snakes peeking in the windows can be a bit disconcerting. But I knew they were not poisonous beacuse of the things you mentioned: eye shape, tail scales, head shape and, of course, becuase they were obviously none of the normal bad guys like cottonmouth, copperhead or rattlesnake. Though the racer tries hard to immitate the rattler. He was not in a good mood, probably becuase of being stuck in the window well for a while.

Now when I mow, I check out the trees carefully before I go under them...