Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mommy has a question for you

Kids. JB is 28 months, and getting more interesting day by day.

Take today, for instance. Over dinner, a delicious meal of salmon, salad and broccoli, we were discussing selling the house and all other things important. JB must have gotten bored with the conversation, so he asked to be excused. I had tossed an empty salad dressing bottle at the trash but missed, so I told JB to get it and put it in. As he was doing so, Tamsey asked him something, which is now lost to history. The reason for this tragedy is that as she asked him, he was busy with the chore his dad had laid upon his youthful back and he failed to respond. As soon as the offending salad dressing bottle was safely disposed of, I said, “JB, your mother has a question for you.” His response was to march over to Tamsey and say, “Question, please?” Tamsey asked, but, undeterred by this attempted deflection, JB proceeded to ask for a question again, this time with and exaggerated “Pleeease!”

I couldn’t resist. I got a piece of kosher candy from the top of the fridge (we had it left over from the seder) and handed it to him. He dutifully said “Thank you” and tore off on whatever toddler mission he had discovered. The best part was that he was back a few minutes later, straining at the top of his small tippy toes, trying to climb the fridge saying, “Question, please!” Yeah, I was in trouble for, as Tamsey says, “confusing the poor kid”, but it was worth it! Boy, was it worth it. I suppose someday he’ll figure it out, but for now it is my little payback for the constant barrage of questions he fires at me, from the time I get home in the evening. Like right now, for instance, he is standing here asking if “Goria get in pack-ack? I want to ride in pack-ack” I guess it is time to get my hiking boots on and take the cutest kids in the world for an evening hike. It is the least I can do after convincing him that “Mommy has a question” is a statement loaded with dreams of sugar


Anonymous said...

They may be AMONG the cutest kids in the world but I'll argue that Ian ranks right up there with them. After all, he can say "daw!!", and point at his dog! That's pretty cute. He also shakes his head no when you ask him if he's a lizard. THAT is cute.


max said...

That is cute. Just wait until he starts reading LGF. Of course, this is also darned cute...