Wednesday, October 20, 2004

FrontPage :: Muslim Re-Education by Alexis Amory

FrontPage :: Muslim Re-Education by Alexis Amory: "Coming soon to an elementary school near you: mandatory indoctrination in Islamic customs and practices. According to The Kansas City Star, third-, fourth- and fifth-graders in Herndon, Virginia, are to be given lessons in the three Rs: Reading, Riting, and Ramadan. During this instruction, public school children will play act being Muslims, and, perhaps unwittingly, convert to Islam.

Pupils from a nearby Muslim school will visit classes in the town's public schools to educate their counterparts in Islam. They will be accompanied by something called 'a multicultural trainer' named Afeefa Syeed.

In Herndon, during this month of Ramadan (which began Friday), there will be explanations of the fasting month and 'role-playing' that requires students to recite Muslim sacred words and imitate their prayer practices. "

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